10.21.07 - More Club Ryo members added. Also for anyone interested, I have some more doujinshi up for sale.

07.18.07 - Added information on two more doujinshi that feature Ryo, 'Jam' and 'Wanpaku Machi'. Cover scans of 'Wanpaku Machi' are also up in the gallery.

06.16.07 - The Ryo fans keep on coming! More members added to Club Ryo.

05.01.07 - Added more Club Ryo members bringing the number of Ryo fans to over 200!

01.07.07 - New year, new Club Ryo members.

09.13.06 - Yet another Club Ryo update.

07.09.06 - More Club Ryo members added!

05.11.06 - You guessed it, more Club Ryo members. Also, a long awaited gallery update -- scans of the Ryo origin comic from the UK magazine Wickid are now up.

03.19.06 - Club Ryo update. It's great to see that Ryo still has fans out there!

02.01.06 - You might (or might not) have noticed, but the media clips were down for a bit. I've moved them over to a new home, so they should be working now.

12.20.05 - More Club Ryo members added. Will try to get some photo updates done soon!

09.22.05 - Ten more Club Ryo members added bringing it to over 150 Ryo fans!

06.29.05 - Again, thanks to Togemon Garden, scans of the Digimon Wonderswan promo poster are up and also added another Club Ryo member.

06.08.05 - Added a Wonderswan ad scan (thanks to Togemon Garden), MP3s of Ryo's segments from the Message in the Packet Drama CD, and two more Club Ryo members added.

04.30.05 - More Club Ryo members added.

03.02.05 - Added two scans from the Tamers Manga to Media. New Club Ryo member added.

02.26.05 - Updated the US Merchandise page with some info on the English translated Tamers manga and more Club Ryo members added.

01.27.05 - Club Ryo update.

12.08.04 - More Club Ryo members and a sales plug: I have a few Digimon 02 Best Partner CDs up for sale.

09.29.04 - Club Ryo update.

09.08.04 - More Club Ryo members added. Also, for anyone interested, I have a copy of the doujinshi Kira Kira up for sale.

08.10.04 - New Club Ryo members added.

07.25.04 - Added information and scans from the Digimon Insert Song Miracle Best Evolution (Sonyuka Best) CD to the Merchandise page and Media Packaging gallery. And, a new Club Ryo member.

07.22.04 - Updated the Wonderswan Merchandise page with info and an image of the Anode Tamer Value Package and added some new Club Ryo members.

06.28.04 - Added more Club Ryo members. Also, finally seemed to have set up the new computer so hopefully the next update will contain some Ryo-related scans!

05.08.04 - Added new Club Ryo members.

04.14.04 - Moved Ryo.nu. If you're seeing this update, that means you've joined us at our new home. If there's any problems with the site, please let me know.

03.26.04 - Updated the Merchandise section with some new photos and the 'Ryo' page with some birthday speculation. Also a Club Ryo update.

03.10.04 - Updated Club Ryo members. We now have over 100 Ryo fans!

02.25.04 - Added two more doujinshi that have Ryo in it in 'Akiyama'.

02.11.04 - Updated Club Ryo members. The application form was down for a while, so if you don't see your information with today's update please resubmit. The reason why the form was down was because of a server modification, I've temporarily fixed it, but if there's anyone who knows how to modify DodosMail script to run with global_registers off, I'd appreciate some help!

01.07.04 - Happy New Year! More Club Ryo members added.

11.29.03 - Club Ryo members added.

11.03.03 - Updated the DVD writeups in the Merchandise section and more Club Ryo members.

10.20.03 - More Club Ryo members added.

10.12.03 - Finally got the form for Club Ryo membership working again and added doujinshi writeups to the Akiyama section. (Shameless plugging: speaking of doujinshi, if you happen to like Zoids, check out Cybernation, my Zoids doujinshi site.)

09.17.03 - Added more Club Ryo members and added a new scan to the Doujinshi section.

07.31.03 - Some Ryo scans added to the newly created Doujinshi and V-Tamer sections in 'Digital'. Also a Club Ryo update.

07.14.03 - Added some info to the real world Timeline and about Ryo page. Also did a little writeup for the Cyberdramon Deluxe Playset with Ryo in Merchandise and added more Club Ryo members.

06.30.03 - Corrected some info on the anime/game-verse Timeline, added the translation for 'Digital Surviver' (a huge thanks to Li Jianliang for allowing us to use it!) and of course, more Club Ryo members!

06.24.03 - Redid the Merchandise section a bit and added information on the Tamers Drama CD, the Adventure TV and movie book and two Tamers books. Also added nine new Club Ryo members!

06.10.03 - A bunch of new scans added from CoroCoro magazine (thanks to Blackjack Gabbiani), Tamers Best Parade CD and the Tamers TV book 2.

06.09.03 - Updated the romanization of 'Fighting Soul' and added translated lyrics. Thanks to Stephen T for both versions and updated Club Ryo members.

06.03.03 - Just a little self plug. If anyone's interested in buying figures of Takato, Rika or Henry, I have some up for sale here.

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